Basketball and Blockchain

Purchase basketball teams from our Smart Contracts on the Ethereum network. You could have your very own opportunity to purchase your favorite NBA professional basketball team. All transactions and assets (including our smart contracts) are stored on the Ethereum Network which provide full transparency to all users. Your data is stored in a very secure and decentralized environment by utilizing blockchain technology.

CryptoBallers is an interactive collection-based game that lets anyone purchase and own NBA teams on the Ethereum blockchain. Be the next owner of the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, and all the other NBA teams!

How it works: Please ensure you have MetaMask downloaded. Create an account on MetaMask (make sure you store your credentials in a secure and off-line place). Purchase teams by ensuring you have enough Ethereum deposited into your account. Once you have purchased and confirmed ownership of a team, you will see your address by your team on the marketplace. Be Warned! Anyone can purchase the team from you for a higher price calculated by our algorithms. You will receive up to 2X your initial investment minus service fees.

Why should you purchase an NBA team?

Purchasing a team can be a valuable and secure asset. All our transactions are stored on the Ethereum network, and our Smart Contracts have endured vigorous performance, stress and unit testing to ensure that our contracts are bug-free.

Owning a NBA team is an investment. Become a part of the future of cryptocurrency and own an asset stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Your transactions can not be lost and exist on every node connected to the Ethereum network.


Our DApp (Decentralized Application) exists on the Ethereum network. Decentralization allows for your data to persists across all nodes.


Our Smart Contracts are hosted by the Ethereum network. They are transparent to all users and are tested to ensure maximum security and functionality.


Our fees are the lowest among all Ethereum Dapps. We value our players and believe in the success of the project. We take as little as 2% to ensure the success of the platform.


P1 - Initial Launch

Our initial launch of CryptoBallers. Our DApp will be deployed to the Ethereum mainnet during our initial launch.

P2 - Promotion

We will launch our promotion for free legacy teams! Get your favorite legacy team for free through our referral program!

P3 - NBA Players

We will be adding players to our DApp in order to provide players with assets that interact with teams.

P4 - Playoffs Betting

During Phase 4, we will be launching our betting platform which will be launched right before playoffs!

P5 - iOS/Android Apps

We will release iOS and Android applications for users to track their assets using our mobile apps.

P6 - Other Sports

Once we've proven the success of our DApp, we'll introduce other sports so that everyone can join in on the action.


We keep the fees low so you get the highest payouts. After a player purchases a team, the price of the team will increase depending on the price. Please refer to the table below or our Smart Contract to understand the price increase and service fees.

Value Increase Levels Price Range Price Increase Dev Cut
Increase 1 0.01 ETH - 0.5 ETH 100% 5%
Increase 2 0.5 ETH - 2.0 ETH 35% 4%
Increase 3 2.0 ETH - 5.0 ETH 25% 3%
Increase 4 5.0 ETH + 15% 2%

Promotions - Free Legacy Teams!

We are currently running our promotions until the 2018 NBA Playoffs. Refer your friends, and the top 3 referrers will win a free legacy team! Winner will be contacted via our community channels. We've published a medium post here for further details.